Our Twirltime classes are a fabulous opportunity for the youngest dancers in our ballet school to begin their journey in the world of dance with the security of their carer alongside of them. Adult participation and guidance is valued by our teachers and is paramount to the success of the class for your child and for other dancers.  

twirltime 18 months upwards 

Routine and structure are important in these classes with different themes being explored throughout the year. A friendly reminder that Bebe Ballet value the safety of children and therefore the taking of photos and videos in these classes are strictly prohibited. 

We currently are only able to have one adult per dancer come to class.

we have multiple locations around Adelaide. Please click on the suburb below to find out more.


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The first class for our youngest little dancers can be exciting, magical, dramatic and overwhelming! This is often the first time they are embarking on a “formal” class structure.

Here are some tips to help prepare your dancer (and yourself) for a dance class with a toddler!

how to help your Twirltimer have a positive dance experience

Tips for a successful Twirltime class

* Feed your child before class
* Arrive on time for class
* When first starting our classes, everything is new. This can be a little overwhelming for some of our dancers. However after a few weeks they settle into the familiar warm ups and class routine.
* Encourage your child to be involved but don’t push them. Please be prepared that you may need to hold their hand, carry them and be by their side at the start. Many children just like to sit on their parent’s lap and observe until they feel comfortable to join in.
* Every theme has a new “warm up” dance which the children get to love. Parents in a Twirltime class will quickly learn this song. You will find yourselves humming this song at home!
* Realise that your child won’t do everything. Our classes provide an introduction to dance and even when children don’t participate you will be amazed by how much they are actually absorbing. They may not dance at class but they will probably show you at home everything that happened in class!
* Make sure you have their ballet shoes etc. Forgetting their tutu or shoes could lead to a complete lack of dancing for the week.
* Realise that some days your child may do everything beautifully and is engaged and other times they might just want to be held. This is completely normal.
 * The arrival of a new sibling or bringing another adult to watch your dancer can also affect your dancers behaviour. We have had many dads and grandparents forced to “hide” to watch their little ballerinas and danseurs in class.


Whilst sometimes it’s hard to be on time every week, children are usually better equipped to handle class when they are there from the beginning. We start these classes with free movement and some ribbons or musical instruments or a circuit. This time is for the children to reacquaint themselves with their environment before starting with our familiar warm up dances and yoga warm up.

Parent Participation

Our Twirltime classes encourage the parents to actively participate. Active participation includes talking and encouraging your child and helping them to move around in the dance space. Your dancer will mimic your behaviour in class. Your movement and encouragement will assist your dancer in becoming more comfortable in the dance space. Should your child not need you in the class then you should have a discussion with your teacher about the possibility of moving into the next level – Soloist.


We understand that families may also bring their other children to class. When the siblings are little babies they can be held in a sling, pram or capsule. Things can get a little challenging when the siblings are of walking age – in particular the 12-15 month age bracket. We do appreciate how hard it can be to keep them occupied whilst class is on. Please appreciate that our priority is our dance students – not their siblings. If siblings are not fee paying students then we would appreciate if they do not join the class. An example of this is two families at Grange, both with dancers and both with younger siblings. One mother dances with the children whilst the other mother looks after the siblings.

Child Conflicts

Staff are there to teach the entire class and it’s the responsibility of the parent (or carer) to keep their own child safe. If your child is doing something inappropriate for example, swinging on a barre, pushing or biting another child, it is the parent’s responsibility to reprimand as they see fit. Whilst staff will tell the child “It’s not nice to push” or “Let’s all share!” we feel that it is the parent’s responsibility to teach their child what is appropriate. We all want the best for our children and sometimes our children need a little reminding.


There are some housekeeping issues which you need to be either made aware of or reminded:

* Eating in class is an OH&S issue as well as a potential allergy issue. Should your child require food during a class please take them outside of the studio. Should your dancer be thirsty, water can be consumed at the edge of the studio.
* Should your child make a mess (with food or otherwise) it is the parent’s responsibility to clean up the mess.
* Children must be bare foot or in ballet shoes.
* No photography or recording allowed
* The use of phones, iPads and other potential recording devices are prohibited during classes. Phones should be on silent and any calls that are taken should be taken outside the dance area.
* Used nappies are to be taken home with you or placed in a bin outside.


We understand how stressful Twirtime classes can be when you know your child loves dancing but doesn’t want to dance in class. Just take a deep breath. Almost all of our students (and parents) have experienced this during Twirltime classes. A little bit of perservence and all of a sudden – it clicks one day. You make eye contact with the teacher and you will both know that your dancer “gets it”. Then you can enjoy the experience of our Twirltime classes.

Whilst it can be frustrating when your child doesn’t seem to listen or just runs around and screams, take a deep breath and ask yourself:

*    Is your child concentrating for a little longer than the previous week?
*    Did she/he sit down for the warm up for a fraction longer?
*    Did she/he sit and wait her/his turn for the tightrope.It’s all baby steps (or tip toes) at this age and then one day it all clicks and you have a little dancer who is blossoming!

Dance for a cause this School Holiday Break

Interested in trying a dance class for your little ballerina or budding danseur? During these school holidays we'll be running 30 minute dance classes. These will be a great way to try a class and see if you and your dancer like what we offer.

Tickets are $15 with ticket sales all going towards Puddle Jumpers.  Puddle Jumpers is a non-profit, non-government organisation committed to responding to the social development needs of society's most vulnerable children and young people. They are also just around the corner from our Glandore Studio!

Please arrive 5 minutes prior to class. We will open the door 5 minutes prior to class starting

What to wear?
Please get your child to wear something they can move in (shorts and a T shirt are perfect). Children are to wear bare feet or ballet slippers

On the day....
We will allow access to the building 5 minutes before class is to start. Upon entry all people entering the building will have their temperature checked and their hands sanitised. All adults entering the building must sign in with our QR code. We are only able to accomodate one adult per dancer. Due to current government restrictions we can only accomodate one adult per dancer. Should you have additional children with you please contact us at least 48 hours prior to the class to ensure we have the room for your other children.

Bookings are essential and can be made below. Keep an eye out for more locations.

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