Children who are at primary school (Foundation/Reception – Grade 2) enter our school aged classes: Primary and Grade 1.

In these classes we continue using Australian Teachers of Dancing (ATOD) syllabus. This lets us infuse our classes with some different exercises. We cotninue to develop appropriate technique and expose students to the language of ballet in these age ranges. Despite our using the syllabus to support our teaching, Bebe Ballet will always be full of creative inspiration and fun!

The Pointe of School Aged Classes

Entering the Dance Space

Our venues have a distinct wait area and dance space. During the first few weeks of this term the teacher will line the children up in the wait area before bringing the children into class. This begins the separation of the children from the parent. The children are proud of themselves and the parents just think they look adorable waiting in line like big girls and boys. It is preferable for parents to stay in the wait area whilst we are organising the children into the line to start class.

Whilst for the first few classes you may think it’s acceptable to enter your child into the class and sit next to her this starts the routine that she will become accustomed to. It’s much easier to start with clear rules from the start. Some children may be sad and teary and need mummy and we work this out on an individual basis. A reminder that whilst your child may want you in the classroom there will be other children that do not want you there!


Our students will have the opportunity to take their ATOD exams. These exams will be held in May/June. Information is sent out in April.

family watching weeks / peek weeks

Family members are invited to watch the last fifteen minutes of class twice a year – one in term 1 and the other in term 4. We have found at these formal levels the children tend to not perform at their best with their loved ones watching.

The children will also have opportunities to participate in a Broadway Bebe (tap & jazz students), Mid Year Showcase, Spring Gala and Christmas Concert, where family members can watch the children perform on stage.


There are some housekeeping issues which you need to be either made aware of or reminded:

* Should your child make a mess (with food or otherwise) it is the parent’s responsibility to clean up the mess.
* Children must be bare foot or in ballet shoes.
* We know how excited/exhausted the children are after school but if we could get them to channel their exuberance into dancing during class as opposed to running around loudly before class it would be much appreciated.

We look forward to sharing our love of dance with your little dancer.

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