Ages: 5 – 7 years

Duration: 45 minutes 

This class is for children who are at primary school. This class introduces children to ballet vocabulary and class etiquette that sets the groundwork for dance and sporting activities through out life.

In these classes we incorporate Australian Teachers of Dancing (ATOD) syllabi. This lets us infuse our classes with some different exercises and we also really start to develop appropriate techniques and expose students to the language of ballet in these age ranges. Despite our using the syllabi to support our teaching, Bebe Ballet will always be full of creative inspiration and fun!

Children in this age group have the opportunity to participate in Mid-Year Concerts, Exams, "Spring Gala" Annual Concert and our Christmas Ballet.

Primary dancers also have the opportunity of an additional genre of dance that they do at Bebe Ballet and can opt to do Tap classes.


Parents are unable to watch class.



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