Bebe Ballet holds 3 performances a year.


Mid Year Showcase: Is usually held in June and is open for all Primary and Grade 1 Students. We also invite our Soloist Tap dancers to perform.


Spring Gala: This is our main concert and is held in October/November.We invite all our students to participate in this concert

Christmas Concert: This is a lovely way to end our year. We invite students from Soloist Level upwards to perform in this concert. We also invite our Twirltime students who will be graduating to Soloist classes.

All Bebe Ballet performances are held during the day and are not compulsory. We believe that our ballerinas and danseurs are beautiful just they way they are. Our performers do not wear jewellery, make up or coloured hair.

Carers will be asked to read and sign a consent form allowing their child to perform.


Spring Gala Performances

2018 ~ Alice in Topsy Turvy Land

2017 ~ Each Peach Pear Plum

2016 ~ Cirque du Bebe

2015 ~ The Enchanted Forest

2014 ~ Ocean Commotion

2013 ~ Alice's Adventures in Topsy Turvy Land

2012 ~ The Magical Toy Shop

2011 ~ Under the Pink Top

2010 ~ Symphony under the Sea

2009 ~ The Enchanted Forest

2008 ~ Premiere














Students will also have other opportunities to perform throughout the year. All performance opportunities are not compulsory.










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