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Part of learning to dance is to present the proper appearance, this includes clothing that allows the teacher to see the proper positioning and placement of the body. A leotard (either by itself or with a skirt) is essential for girls in class. Children need to have a neat appearance at all times. Hair needs to be up and off the face.

Bebe Ballet has its own colour called "Betty Pink". This colour comes in a variety of styles.

For safety of your dancer and other students in the class, we do not allow children to wear jewellery or watches during class.   Wings, wands, jiffies and tiaras are not to be worn. Baggy clothing and zips should also be avoided.

Bare feet or full-soled flesh pink ballet shoes are appropriate footwear.

Jiffies must not be worn to class.

Students should wear a cover-up outside the studio, as it is not appropriate for students to dress only in dancewear.

Dance shoes must NOT be worn outside as they are "studio" shoes. (Dance shoes are to worn inside only)

Bebe Ballet has a large range of dancewear, accessories, dress-ups, cover-ups and tracksuits available for purchase either through Bebe Ballet Classes or through our supplier Betty Ballerina. 

Tap Shoes must be worn in tap class after the child’s third week. Girls will need to wear Betty Black Patent Tap Shoes.

Betty Ballerina is located at 236a Grange Road, Flinders Park or you can purchase online at


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