Bebe Ballet Terms and Conditions

Please advise Bebe Ballet in writing should there be any change to your dancers medical conditions so that we can ensure teaching staff are made aware and your child’s enrolment details can be accurately maintained and updated as necessary.


Fees are due according to the date on the invoice that is sent to you. Please see our Fee Structure Information Sheet for further details.


Bebe Ballet has a first aid kit on site however, in the event of a medical emergency, a dancers parent/s or guardian will be contacted for the child to be picked up or permission asked to take the child to the nearest medical centre. In the event of a serious emergency an ambulance will be called.

Dance Risk Assessment

Bebe Ballet staff take the utmost care to provide a safe dance experience. Unfortunately hazards exist in all activities and parents should be aware of the hazards that exist. We have identified the following hazards associated with dance and our premises, and identified the following controls to minimise accidents. If you are concerned for the physical health of your child undertaking this activity please consult a sports therapy specialist and advise Bebe Ballet staff.

Hazards: Personal injury, student-to-student contact, slipping and tripping.

Controls: Dance to take place only in dance space studios, first aid kit on site, uniform to be worn including appropriate footwear (see Uniform Information Sheet), class sizes kept to safe levels, dance floors kept free of obstacles, staff to undertake first aid course annually, warm up before class and stretching only after class, verbal warnings to be sensible and careful.

Please note: the nature of dance occasionally requires student-teacher contact for the purposes of placement and correction of technique.

Personal Property

All property brought to Bebe Ballet remains the responsibility of the student. Whilst Bebe Ballet will store lost property until the end of each term, we take no responsibility for items left on the premises.

Information Sheets & Communication

There are numerous methods that Bebe Ballet use to ensure successful exchange of information. Please ensure that you make yourself aware of all information sheets. These include but are not limited to: Missed Classes, Code of Ethics, Privacy & Protection, Parent Code of Conduct, Uniform and Fees. Likewise information will be sent via Newsletters at the start of each term and a mini newsletter “Bebe Blast” at the end of every week. We ask that you read through these, as they will contain vital pieces of information that will assist you and your dancer to have a wonderful experience with Bebe Ballet.


To preserve the intellectual property of our creative teachers, all choreography for classes, group dances, annual demonstrations and concerts and alike taught by Bebe Ballet teachers, remains the property of Bebe Ballet and/or its teachers and may not be used without the permission of Bebe Ballet.

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