Parent Code of Ethics & Grievance Procedures

At Bebe Ballet we encourage parents to be supportive, involved and active participants in their child’s dancing. We want your experience at Bebe Ballet to be positive and rewarding. To ensure the success of the relationships that we develop with both families and caregivers, we believe that it is important to have some honest expectations and open lines of communication.

As parents and caregivers, please support your dancer by remembering:

If children are interested, encourage them to dance. If children are not willing to dance, do not force them.

Encourage children to see live professional performances as often as possible.

Eliminate focus on winning. Focus instead on the child's efforts and performance rather than the overall outcome of the examination, or performance.

Help children to set realistic goals based on their individual ability and experience.

Teach children that an honest effort is as important as a victory, so that the results of each examination or performance are accepted without undue disappointment.

Encourage children to follow the rules and be a cooperative team member.

Never ridicule or yell at a child for making a mistake or not passing an examination.

Remember, children are dancing for their enjoyment, not yours.

Remember that children learn best by example so practice what you preach. Applaud good performances by all of the performers.

If you disagree with an examiner, adjudicator, teacher or critic, raise the issue through the appropriate channels rather than question the person's judgment in public.

Support all efforts to remove verbal and physical abuse from dance activities.

Unless children are to be taking part in examinations or performances there is no need for children to have dance homework.


As a large dance school with multiple locations, we aim to meet everyone’s individual needs but we also recognise that we will not be able to please everyone all of the time. However, we do believe in appropriate ways of airing grievances and appropriate forums in which to use to make a complaint and we encourage everyone in our dance school to follow appropriate grievance procedures.


Responding to Complaints

Bebe Ballet takes all complaints about our dance school, students, staff and families seriously. Bebe Ballet will handle complaints based on the principles of procedural fairness (natural justice), that is:

  • all complaints will be taken seriously;
  • both the person making the complaint (complainant) and the person the complaint is against (respondent) will be given full details of what is being said against them and have the opportunity to respond (give their side of the story);
  • irrelevant matters will not be taken into account;
  • decisions will be unbiased and fair; and
  • any penalties imposed will be fair and reasonable.


Complaint Handling Process

When a complaint is received  in writing,  the person receiving the complaint (the admin team or the Principal) will:

  • listen carefully and ask questions to understand the nature and extent of the problem;
  • ask what the complainant would like to happen;
  • explain the different options available to help resolve the problem;
  • take notes; and
  • maintain confidentiality but not necessarily anonymity.


Once the complainant decides on their preferred option for resolution, Bebe Ballet will assist, where appropriate and necessary, with the resolution process. This may involve:

  • supporting the person complaining to talk to the person being complained about
  • bringing all the people involved in the complaint together to talk objectively through the problem
  • gathering more information (e.g. from other people that may have seen the behaviour);
  • referring the complainant to an external agency such as a community mediation centre, police or anti-discrimination agency.


At any stage of the process, a person can seek advice from or lodge a complaint with an anti-discrimination commission or other external agency.

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