Missed Classes

Your child’s punctuality and regular attendance in class is very important for their growth and understanding, their comfort in class, to their peers and our teaching staff. It is a commitment for you to ensure your child attends their classes on time each week and attends all lessons planned for them. Not only do absences impact the concert routines we create, it also impacts the social and confidence-building principals we work hard to foster in each age group.


Should your child miss a class you must notify us of the absence by completing the form below. We encourage your child to take a catch up class. Notification of a catch up class is required by the parent/caregiver to ensure the duty of care of all dancers is maintained and that the teacher of the catch up class is aware that your child is coming.  Please note that it is the parents/caregivers role to organise the notification of the catch up class. NO refunds, discounts or credits are given for any missed classes. Catch up classes are a goodwill gesture offered to our students and are not redeemable as class credits.


Catch up classes MUST be taken during the same term.


Should your child be sick/away on the final week of term you will be unable to arrange a catch up class.


Catch up classes are NOT allowed to be taken during “Family Watching Week”.


4 week Trial

Should your child be completing a "4 week trial" the make up class MUST be completed during the 4 week trial. The 4 week trial cannot be extended for a further week.


Public Holidays & Christmas Pageant

Classes are generally held on public holidays and pageant day. Venues and times may change slightly on these days so please check newsletters and emails regarding public holiday and pageant day classes as NO refunds or discounts or credits are given for these missed classes. If you are unable to attend a public holiday class, please fill in the online missed class form below to arrange a catch up class for your dancer within the same term.


Saturday classes and Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning classes

Classes may be combined on a Saturday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday mornings due to locations being close to each other. In the event that classes are merged on the above mentioned days students will be given the option to either attend the same class at an alternate venue on the same day or to arrange a catch up class within the same term.


Cancelled Class – less than 24 hours notice (for Friday mornings and all afternoon classes)

In rare circumstances, classes may need to be cancelled by Bebe Ballet. If Bebe Ballet gives less than 24 hours notice, a credit will be applied to your Bebe Ballet Account. The credit will remain in your Bebe Ballet account for 6 months and can be used for term fees or dancewear. The credit will not be refunded. Notification of a cancelled class will be made through SMS and emails in the hope that everyone receives this information as quickly and as easily as possible.


Cancelled Class – more than 24 hours notice (for Friday mornings and afternoon classes)

In circumstances when Bebe Ballet gives more than 24 hours notice of a cancelled class an alternate class will be organised by Bebe Ballet or the parent. No credits will be given for this cancelled class. Notification of the cancelled class is made through email. This catch up class must be taken in the same term as the cancelled class.




Scroll down to the bottom to complete the missed class form.





Notification of a missed class is required by completing the online form

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