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Tuesday March 28, 2017

I have been greatly impressed by the wonderful environment and fun way in which the children have an introduction to dance. We also were utterly impressed by the concert!! It exceeded all of our expectations and was beautifully done.


Wednesday November 2, 2016

I'd like to express my sincere thanks for such an amazing concert on the weekend. My daughter performed on Saturday. I must admit I was very nervous as it was her first time performing this year but she absolutely loved it. We were so proud of her. Id like to pass on my thanks to all of the ballet teachers/staff who made it such a smooth experience for us. A huge thank you to Bianca, she did an amazing job and made my daughter feel safe and comfortable. Even when we were waiting for the concert to begin, my husband and I felt very comfortable knowing that she was backstage and in safe hands. All of the work that contributed to the concert was very well managed and it definitely showed.


Tuesday May 17, 2016

I just want to thank you guys for accepting my daughter into the world of Ballet. She had her first lesson today and all I could hear from the other side of the door was her saying " This is fun " She had such a fun time and cant wait to do more lessons. I have one happy 4 year old.


Monday February 22, 2016

Thank you for your recent follow up call after my daughter collided with another beautiful ballerina at the Solo class. She is totally fine. I was not concerned at all.....these things happen. I made sure the other girl was ok but I don't think she even realised and was quite happy. My daughter cried and then we realised why when a bruise/bump appeared but Miss Danielle acted promptly and generously to help. I was able to leave the soloist class not long after the incident once my daughter heard a song being played from the concert last year! She has memorised the whole routine from each level from the Green Show! She really is ok and I appreciate your thoughtful follow up. Nothing to be concerned about at all. Great team at Bebe Ballet. We've shared with many how great you guys (or should I say ballerinas!!) are! Thanks again.


Monday December 14, 2015

Thank you Bianca! We really really enjoyed the Nutcracker show. Like you it's our favourite ballet of all time and such a special tradition for us as well at Christmas time. Like everything you do, it really showcased our girls and all that they have achieved with you. So thrilled with Coco's exam results too, there is no denying that you do an absolutely amazing job with our girls. Coco just loves her ballet and loves you so much! Thank you for the wonderful example you set our girls, and the incredible job of mentoring them. You are shaping them into lovely girls whom we are all so very proud of! Have the loveliest Christmas with your family, enjoy your break and will count down the days until ballet returns next year!!! To our best and most favourite ballet teacher EVER!

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