We offer preschool dance classes for children from 18 months.

For most children, this is their first time starting dance classes. We understand that coming to a new place can initially be overwhelming. Just take a deep breath and know that we are here to help you every step of the way.

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We offer 3 different classes at Bebe Ballet. 
Twirltime - Children from 18 months and one carer. This class is a great class for children just starting out as their carer (usually a parent) is with them. 
Soloist (3-5 years) -  This class is a 30 minute ballet class with a 15 minute tap & jazz class at the end.
Musical Stars (3-5 years) - An all singing, dancing and performing class. Perfect for your little star.

step one - find out about our classes

We run classes at "A Star Dance" at Glandore, "Betty Ballerina" at Flinders Park, Collinswood and Brighton

Scroll down to the next picture and click on the locations that are most convenient to you. This will take you to the classes we run at each of the locations. 

step two - where are we

For the first class we recommend wearing whatever you have at home that you can move in. Most children start by wearing a tshirt, leggings/shorts and no shoes. 

Our female uniform range has different styles in the same colour. 
Our ballerinas wear the colour "Betty Pink"

Our male danseurs wear a white top and navy leggings/shorts.

Click on picture to the left to find out more.

step three - what do we wear?

We understand that sometimes you will miss class: illness, holiday, other commitments. We allow students the opportunity to attend a catch up class (of the same level) during the same term. We also send out a video once a term for students. This can be used as additional practice or as a catch up class.

Click the ballerina to the left to find out more information about how to arrange a catch up class.

step four - what if we miss class?

We offer trial classes during the term at $20. We also offer come & try classes during Summer, Autumn & Winter break.
Twirltime & Soloist Term fees are $135.
Musical Stars Term fees are $100
Soloist Star Combo (Soloist & Musical Stars) Term fees are $199 (normally $235).

Click the picture on the left for more information about how much classes cost.

step five - how much does it cost?

We offer trial classes during the term at $20. We also offer come & try classes during Summer, Autumn & Winter break.

Scroll down below for further information about our holiday classes.

step six - arrange a trial class

Try not to be too nervous. We know that the first time you attend somewhere new can be exciting and overwhelming. How long will it take to get there? What's the public transport like? Where will I park? 

To ensure that you and your dancer have the best start possible, try to get to dance about 5-10 minutes prior to class starting. Getting there too early (especially with younger dancers) or getting there after class starts can be stressful for your dancer. 

All people entering will be required to have their temperature checked and their hands sanitised/wash hands in bathroom. All adults entering the building will be required to sign in with the QR code or Sign in manually.

step seven - attend the class

Did you dancer enjoy themselves? Do you think that Bebe Ballet is the right "fit" for your family?
It can take our little dancers a few more weeks to feel comfortable in class which is why we offer 4 week trial packs of $80

After class you may either wish to cancel or continue with our classes. If you do not want to continue please just email us so that we can remove your dancer from class.
Should you wish to continue then we can arrange the uniform for you.

If you have any other questions just get in touch with us!

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