Are parents able to watch class?

Parents are unable to watch classes (Twirltime is the exception). Children benefit from a more focused environment and an audience can be a distraction for both children and teachers.

Should the children in a Soloist require their parent we recommend they come to a Twirltime class for the first class and then attend the first 10-15 minutes of a Soloist class. This way their parent can watch class and then the child can try the first part of a soloist class to see how they go by themselves.

During terms 1, 2 & 4 classes are open for parents to watch 15 minutes of ballet classes. Videography and Photography will only be allowed during your child’s solo.


I'm not sure if my child will like the class!

During the January, April and July school holidays we offer $15 come & try classes which are a great way to see if you and your dancer like our classes. Should you start part way through a term we offer casual classes at $15 per class. If you decide to enrol your child for the remainder of the term the $15 gets absorbed into the term fees.

Does my child need ballet shoes?

Twirltime -  We encourage children to start bare foot so that we can see their feet. When it comes to winter many parents purchase ballet shoes so that their children don't have cold feet.

Soloists upwards - These children need ballet shoes for classes and performances. 

What about jiffies?

Jiffies are great for dressing up and parties but not very good for dancing. They are bulky and slippery and teachers are unable to see children's feet in them. 

How strict is the dress code?

Girls must wear a leotard and skirt (or tutu). Girls must wear our "Betty Pink" colour for  class.There are many different styles of dancewear offered.

Boys wear a plain white  Tshirt and navy or black leggings.

Teachers need to see children's proper placement and lines which is why we prefer our children in form fitting clothes.

We do not allow wings, wands, tiaras, pettiskirts or oversized costumes.

Does my child need to be in the performance?

No. Performances are not compulsory. We personally prefer Twirltime students not to perform as we believe that most children in these classes are not ready for the stage. However, they do look so cute on stage and they usually steal the show - even if they are crying!

Carers can discuss with their teacher if they think their child should be in the performance.

If children are not in the performance there is usually a reduction of fees in term 4 as these children will miss a few classes due to rehearsals.

What happens after my child turns 7 or 8?

Once children have completed Primary they will then start Grade 1 Ballet. This can be taken at our sister school A Star Dance. A Star Dance also offersFusion Star (Jazz, Hip Hop and Tap).

Do you offer Adult Classes?

Once we find a suitable time and venue we would LOVE to start classes for adults


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