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Mermaid Lagoon
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Summer Dance Classes   

we are super excited to be starting off our dancing year with camp bebe - 3 days of dancing, craft and a whole lot of fun!

we've divided the session into 2 groups
1. yellow submarine for 2-3 year olds
2. magical mermaid lagoon for 3-8 year olds

further information can be found by scrolling down.

Aloha summer!

Children will climb into an imaginary submarine and explore the ocean through dance and craft.

What to wear: something comfortable and easy to move in. shorts and tshirt and bare feet are perfect
What to bring: bottle of water
Cost: $20
Duration: 1 hour

When: Thursday 16 January at Betty Ballerina, 236a Grange Road, Flinders Park

yellow submarine is an hour long dance & craft class for children 2-3 years (and a carer). 

Allow your little adventurer to join us as we discover Mermaid Lagoon. 10.30am to 1.30pm full of Dance, Craft, Games and lots of mermaid fun. Lunch is provided.

Cheese Sandwiches
Vegemite Sandwiches
Butter Sandwiches
Cheese & Crackers
Pretzels & Chips

* most items contain gluten

What to wear: Anything comfortable you can move in (leggings/shorts and tshirt). Some children dress in costumes.
What to bring: bottle of water (and a hat for Walkerville location)
Cost: $39.50
Duration: 10.30 - 1.30 (3 hours)

When: Thursday 16 January at Betty Ballerina, 236a Grange Road, Flinders Park

magical mermaid lagoon is a 3 hour dance & craft summer camp for children 3-7 years old.

Our holiday classes are created for potential new dancers. These holiday classes are great way to see if you and your child like what we offer.

We will be holding our holiday classes at multiple locations. Scroll below to see the venues and dates of our holiday classes.

What ages are suitable for these classes?
Our 9.30 ballet classes are suitable for children 18months and older who require a parent/carer to be in the class with them.
Our 10.30 ballet classes are suitable for children 3 - 5 years old.
Our 11.30 jazz classes are suitable for children 3-5 years old.

What if my child is over 5 years old?
We offer classes for children over 6 years old as well. Your child is welcome to attend one of our holiday classes (however they will be one of the oldest in the holiday class). If you would like any further information, please contact us below.

 Bookings are essential. 
What to wear: We recommend children wear something easy to move in for their first class: Shorts/leggings, Tshirt, barefeet are perfect

What to bring: bottle of water 
Cost: $15
Duration: Please allow an hour for the holiday session. We will run a trial class during the first half hour. During the second half hour you will have an opportunity to speak to someone in our team, enrol in a class and purchase our uniform.

When: Saturday 18 January at A Star Dance, 650 South Road, Glandore
Saturday 1 February at Betty Ballerina, 236a Grange Road, Flinders Park

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