How did Bebe Ballet start?

My daughter was just over 2 years old. She was a normal little girl. She loved life, food, music, moving and exploring. Whenever we put music on she started to move and sway.

I decided, quite quickly and excitedly, that she HAD to start dance classes. But where? I knew what I wanted. I wanted some dancing that was ballet based and would include colour, props and children’s music that was familiar to her. Let’s face it – now that I’m a mummy I LOVE The Wiggles and Play School!!!

I started searching and we tried a few places but nothing seemed to be what I wanted for her. The classes either contained “only children’s music” or it was classes for just children eg no parent involvement or watching. I didn’t have an issue with not being in class. It’s just that Miss A – now 2 years old – was too young to be in a structured class without a carer helping to guide her.

I began researching and realised that no one in Adelaide seem to offer classes for children and their carer with a ballet focus. There was Gymnastics and Music classes but nothing for ballet. This was how Bebe Ballet started.

Bebe Ballet’s name came out of 2 different reasons:

  1. Bebe is french for Baby. Ballet’s orgins began in France and the terminolgy is in French. Many ballet classes for preschoolers are called “Baby Ballet”. However a 3 year old will be very clear in telling you that they are not a baby!
  2. Miss A would call herself “Bebe”

I started with 24 students for my first week of classes. The first term theme was “Noah’s Ark”. I had a toy ark and each week we would place a different animal into the ark.  I noticed quite quickly that the more that the parents and carers helped their dancer the more the child would engage in the class.

Sometimes our little dancers lose concentration however I was amazed at how quickly they would absorb our content and “the routine of class”.

Teaching the preschoolers can be challenging but it is by far the most rewarding classes that we teach. To see children who can hardly talk (or are still in nappies) but are able to follow direction and show their interpretation of what you are doing and asking is amazing and we are honoured that we have such a positive impact on young children.


with a leap & twirl and a swishy pink swirl,

Miss Bianca x