In term 1 you will have the option to attend your class at one of our locations: Collinswood, Glandore, Marion, Brighton, Henley Beach, Grange, Underdale Campbelltown 


you can attend an online class.

Online classes are a great alternative to our studio (onsite) classes if you are unwell or have to isolate.

It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.

Yes I love my children and my family. Yes I love dancing and teaching dance. But do you know what I also love - Disney. When I'm not teaching I'm usually in Disney themed clothing and my laptop cover is Minnie Mouse! Yes I love Disney so much that when I'm on the look out for new and fabulous teachers to come and share my love of dance at Bebe Ballet I ask each person "Who is your favourite Disney character?"

albert einstein

Bebe is french for Baby. Ballet’s origins began in France and the terminology is in French. Many ballet classes for preschoolers are called “Baby Ballet”. However a 3 year old will be very vocal in telling you that they are NOT a baby!

In our Soloist class (3-5 years) we use a little bit of French in our classes. We count "Un, Deux, Trois" to show off our Butterfly Sparkles in class quite often.

did you know that bebe is french for baby?

my little one loves to dance around but aren't they too young to start classes?

Young children respond so well to music and movement. They hear the beat and instinctively move their little bottoms in time with the music. They see Emma Wiggle dancing on TV and twirl around with her. They nod their heads and move their arms whilst listening to the radio in the car. Yes your little one is young but they love life so passionately. Music and movement go hand in hand and dance classes are a great chance for your little one to step into a class - possibly for the first time.

The first time can be a little overwhelming - for you and your little one - but once you both "feel" your way into the class you'll be singing the songs and doing the actions ALL WEEK LONG!

For the love of disney

I can't do it alone....

I want to share my love and passion for dance with as many people as I can. Fairly quickly I realised I needed a committed and fabulous bunch of dance teachers to join me on this Bebe ride.
I'm proud to be introducing my gorgeous bunch of teachers. Together we help provide a loving and supportive community for our dancers and their families

I felt the same way when my daughter was 2. She was like most of her friends: she loved life, food, music, moving and exploring. Whenever we put music on she started to move and sway. As a former dance teacher I had assumed that she could start learning dance around 3-4 years old. After all, that's the way "it's always been". I soon realised that she responded well to music and (when she chose to) she responded to instructions. I made up my mind - she HAD to start dance classes. But where? I knew what I wanted. I wanted age appropriate ballet and exercises and activities that had meaning as well as fun. I wanted music to be varied from classical to familiar children’s music. Let’s face it – now that I’m a mummy I LOVE The Wiggles and Play School!

I started searching and we tried a few places but nothing seemed to be what I wanted for her. The classes either contained “only children’s music” or it was classes for just children eg no parent involvement or watching. I didn’t have an issue with not being in class. It’s just that Miss A – now 2 years old – was too young to be in a structured class without a carer helping to guide her. 

I began researching and realised that no one in Adelaide seem to offer classes for children and their carer with a ballet focus. There was Gymnastics and Music classes but nothing for ballet..... and drum roll..... Bebe Ballet was born. 

Hi! I'm bianca (miss bebe in our dance classes)

i know what i know and i know what i think.
Everything's better, when it's in pink!

miss bianca

ba dance affil ATOD

~sleeping beauty

smartball (fitball) accredited

Rhythm works instructor

ATOD & CSTD Member

cert 4 Fashion Merchandise


Don't just fly. Soar! 

miss chelsea


bachelor of tourism and event management

~ Rapunzel

currently studying to be a registered barre instructor.

miss minnie

There is a whole world at your feet

Mary Poppins

~mary poppins

Cert 4 in fitness

Cert 3 in business
Anatomy of strength training & nutrition basics
auslan basics
mental health awareness

have a read of what some of our families have said about us

I just wanted to let you know how thrilled my daughter (and our family) 
was with the concert on Sunday morning. Heidi loved every minute of it. I
 can’t believe how much she has grown in confidence. Miss Tessa has been
 so wonderful with her this year and the other teachers were fantastic on the day of the concert as well as the older girls who were helping.

Considering she did the Christmas concert last year and did not dance a 
single step it’s hard to believe it was the same child on stage on 
Sunday who was excited from the get go. Bebe Ballet has certainly been 
the best thing Heidi has done.

- rebecca h


A big thank you for the workshop at Marion today. My daughter has 
not stopped talking about it. She is usually pretty shy and takes a 
while to warm up to different situations, but she oozed confidence when I
 picked her up which was so good to see. 

Bebe Ballet has been such a confidence boost for her, so thank you very much! You guys do a great job.

- danielle S

"It's lovely to see the improvement in the skills of the little dancers every week and great to see the enthusiasm the mums, grandmas and even dads bring to the class."

- jane G

I think I want to arrange a trial class for my little one!

We'd love for your little one to have a class too!

We'll be running some trial classes. These are a great way to see what our classes are about. All info can be found below.

Dance for a cause this School Holiday Break

Interested in trying a dance class for your little ballerina or budding danseur? During these school holidays we'll be running 30 minute dance classes. These will be a great way to try a class and see if you and your dancer like what we offer.

Tickets are $15 with ticket sales all going towards Puddle Jumpers.  Puddle Jumpers is a non-profit, non-government organisation committed to responding to the social development needs of society's most vulnerable children and young people. They are also just around the corner from our Glandore Studio!

Please arrive 5 minutes prior to class. We will open the door 5 minutes prior to class starting

What to wear?
Please get your child to wear something they can move in (shorts and a T shirt are perfect). Children are to wear bare feet or ballet slippers

On the day....
We will allow access to the building 5 minutes before class is to start. Upon entry all people entering the building will have their temperature checked and their hands sanitised. All adults entering the building must sign in with our QR code. We are only able to accomodate one adult per dancer. Due to current government restrictions we can only accomodate one adult per dancer. Should you have additional children with you please contact us at least 48 hours prior to the class to ensure we have the room for your other children.

Bookings are essential and can be made below. Keep an eye out for more locations.

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