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Our Soloist level classes are for children 3 – 5 years old who are ready to enter the dance space independently with their dance friends and teachers. Parents and carers do not watch this level class.

This is an exciting age group to teach. Children in this level are often leaving mummy for the first time in a formal situation. They get excited quickly and have fantastic imaginations. Whilst our classes at this level are still fun we need structure and a few rules to ensure that our ballerinas and danseurs have a safe and enjoyable experience.

Spotlight on Soloist Dancers (3-5 years)

Entering the Dance Space

Our venues have a distinct wait area and dance space. During the first few weeks of this term the teacher will line the children up in the wait area before bringing the children into class. This begins the separation of the children from the parent. The children are proud of themselves and the parents just think they look adorable waiting in line like big girls and boys. It is preferable for parents to stay in the wait area whilst we are organising the children into the line to start class.

Whilst for the first few classes you may think it’s acceptable to enter your child into the class and sit next to her this starts the routine that she will become accustomed to. It’s much easier to start with clear rules from the start. Some children may be sad and teary and need mummy and we work this out on an individual basis. A reminder that whilst your child may want you in the classroom there will be other children that do not want you there!

Tips for a successful Soloist class

* Feed your child before class!
* Arrive on time for class
* Make sure your child has a bottle of water – please NO juice or cordial
* Give your child a quick kiss and then let them join the line to enter class


Dancers in Soloist Level, can participate in ATOD assessments. Children are required to dance in front of an examiner with a Bebe Ballet teacher present and dancing with them. Dancers receive a certificate and medal for their efforts. It is a wonderful opportunity for our Soloist Level Dancers. Depending on their age, children are able to participate in the Ballet Assessment in May/June and Tap and Jazz Assessments in October/November.


There are some housekeeping issues which you need to be either made aware of or reminded:

* Should your child make a mess (with food or otherwise) it is the parent’s responsibility to clean up the mess.
* Children must be bare foot or in ballet shoes.
*Please encourage your child to go to the bathroom prior to class.
* Ballerinas must wear a leotard (plain or skirted) to class.
* Used nappies are to be taken home with you or placed in a bin outside.

We look forward to sharing our love of dance with your little dancer.

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